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Using the new iPad for Work

I decided to stop carrying my laptop to business meetings. no use. I got to a point where I feel that I carry a bulky bag full of unneeded  cables adapters and others where the only time I need it is when my clients require my hands-on expertise.

today with the purchase of the new iPad ( 3rd generation ) I completely move away from carrying a laptop, and this is how I am going to fulfill my business needs on the go :


1. Backoffice email/calendar/notes are all handled by the native software anyway so that’s a fairly easy task

2. Dropbox holds all documents that I sometimes send clients or require to answer a question, and I can access it from the iPad.

3. I take Notes in meetings using Evernote, which I then use the desktop client to view when im at my desk working on my pc.

4. Presentations are completely solved using SlideShark application which converts the PPT/PPTX to their format, then gives me the exact same quality of presentation and animation of powerpoint ( I use apple’s VGA adapter to present )

5. GoodReader, is my file orchestrator, it connects everywhere ! to my company FTP, to my Dropbox, to my Googledocs, and to my shares when available. I use it to read documents from all sources, keep local copies if needed, and I use it to trigger external readers ( “Open In…” feature, that’s how I open slides in SlideShark )

there is probably more, but for now – that’s my solution to computing on the day-2-day business on the go, without carrying the bulk.

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